WiFi Choupal creates a better future for 81 panchayats in Bamori block, Madhya Pradesh

WiFi Choupal creates a better future for 81 panchayats in Bamori block, Madhya Pradesh

Visitors to Bajrangarh village, (Bamori block), a remote area in the Guna district (Madhya Pradesh), are rewarded with magnificent views of temples like Hanuman Tekri, Digambar Jain Mandir, Nihal Devi Mandir etc. The richness and harmony of the natural places here combine to create one of the most spectacular natural views found in India.

The village has a school for 50 pupils who come from the families of local herdsmen. Many of the students board at the school due to poor conditions at, and distance from, their homes.

The local panchayat established the school with the intention of providing a better education for children in this far flung area. They want to teach them the skills they will need in their life and careers so that one day, they can build a better future.

But the village’s isolated location has made life hard. In the past, villagers would have to walk 18 kilometres just to make a call. The biggest challenge the panchayat has faced has been recruiting teachers. Several started work at the school, but left due to loneliness and frustration.

Now, all the government offices in Bamori block are internet enabled
with the help of CSC WiFi Choupal

Everything changed in April, 2019 when, after an arduous period of construction, VLE Vikas Kumar laid dozens of kilometres of optical fibre and deployed FTTH connections through CSC WiFi Choupal to provide coverage to the village. After connecting the village, the CSC VLE also introduced a digital classroom service under PMGDISHA program to the campus with modernized facilities. The learning experience for students has become much more enjoyable, as it has changed from solely textbooks to multimedia and interactive learning. Even after school, the students prefer to stay in the classroom to watch films downloaded from the network.

VLE Vikas has established the internet in all the 81 panchayats of Bamori block. Now, government hospitals, Ration Shops, Police Stations and Banks in these areas are getting benefitted through Bharatnet.

This new connectivity means that for the first time, the villagers here in the remote area of Guna are able to access the same facilities as people in cities. While speaking to them, we can see a light in every villager’s eyes, sincere and simple.

VLE Vikas says, “We are leveraging the power of WiFi Choupal to empower villagers and to reach people in the most remote places so they can be “as close as a neighbour” and part of the global digital society. With such a fair and equal way to access modern facilities in the Digital Economy, the impact will be real and significant in shaping the future of poor and marginalized people.”

He adds, “After witnessing the effect of the changes in villages of Bamori block, we believe that CSC WiFi Choupal has brought, and will continue to bring, transformational effects in the region, both economically and socially. WiFi Choupal is connecting everyone and everything to a better future.”

Lessons from the ground

The examples relating to education, health, telecommuting, entrepreneurship and e-services in Guna district suggest that CSC WiFi Choupal can be a panacea for rural economies. WiFi Choupal breaks down the barriers of distance and time, allowing residents of rural areas to participate in economic and civic life far beyond their geographic region. Communications made possible by the technology eliminates the logistical constraints of regionally-based business models, allowing businesses in isolated areas to compete with their counterparts. Ultimately, the numerous economic and social advantages enabled by the availability of CSC WiFi Choupal in rural areas of Bamori block benefits the entire region.

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