How CSC Khodaganj turned into new face of primary healthcare in Nalanda, Bihar

How CSC Khodaganj turned into new face of primary healthcare in Nalanda, Bihar

Khodaganj is a remote village in Nalanda District of Bihar. Still this village is waiting for Industrial development. Healthcare, Education, Drinking water, Road and Electricity are the main concerns of this village.  During the Corona pandemic, CSC Telemedicine is making a very significant contribution to healthcare in the region, and is being used in a variety of ways. 25 years old VLE Prabhat Kant runs his CSC centre at Khodaganj since last two years. He has helped 1,000 patients with telemedicine service in this area in last three months.  

Preparing a robust system of Primary Health Care Centers to provide quality responses to situations of public emergency is no trivial matter. Mainstreaming telemedicine is the most transformative change CSC Khodaganj has made to provide Primary Healthcare in the post-coronavirus disease (Covid-19) world without compromising on quality of care and outcomes. Recently, Hon’ Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “After the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare will be a big movement in India. CSCs should work as the centres of Primary Healthcare.”

The area of Khodaganj is majorly lacking in healthcare infrastructure. Villagers have to travel to Public Health Centres in neighbouring villages or to the district hospital in Nalanda when they have more serious ailments. Public transport is not so efficient and private vehicles are hired, often at very high costs. CSC in Kodaganj GP is bridging the gap between villagers, physicians and health systems, enabling everyone through telemedicine service.

Science Graduate VLE Prabhat says, “Primary care through my CSC is playing a significant role in the COVID-19 response by differentiating patients with respiratory symptoms from those with COVID-19, making an early diagnosis, helping vulnerable people to cope with their anxiety about the virus, and reducing the demand for hospital services. My centre is playing a critical role in managing the epidemic and providing continuity of services. The people who are suffering from other medical ailments during this time can receive care from home, without entering medical facilities, minimizing their risk of contracting the virus.”  

With the help of Digital Doctor Prabhat, many chronic patients have scheduled tele-consultations to avoid face-to-face clinic visits and hence minimize their risks of exposure to COVID-19. CSC Telemedicine in Khodaganj provides a 24/7 lifeline for patients to connect to their providers. This offers great comfort and assurance to the patients in these trying times, the VLE says.

 The VLE opines, “CSC Telemedicine provides convenience and cost-effective medical care. Recently, it has become more comprehensive, expanding to acute and chronic conditions, and migrating from hospital to home and mobile devices. In its simplest and low-tech form, visits to the doctors in village panchayats are not necessary and a simple telephone call or video conference can be facilitated instead.”


The lives of youngsters in Khodaganj village earlier revolved around their daily activities and helping families out in the farms. However, with digital literacy initiatives being carried out by VLE Prabhat, their lives are witnessing a transformation. The VLE is engaged in redefining the education sector in this remote village of Nalanda.

 He has also enrolled students under CSC Olympiads, to provide them a competitive environment and also to inculcate competitive spirit among them. He is focusing to enroll students from far flung remote areas. Utilizing materials that cover traditional subjects – such as Mathematics, History, Hindi, English, family-based activities like cooking and crafts, and new guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19 – VLE Prabhat usually guides students, checking on their progress and setting homework.

 Apart from Telemedicine and education, VLE has made 300 Ayushman Bharat cards for villagers. He has done the Economic Census of 400 citizens.

Thousands of VLEs like Prabhat have offered an example of entrepreneurship in the state of Bihar. The entrepreneurs living in far flung areas of the villages were not trained for this, but they had an amazing perseverance. They developed his common qualities and this became their weapon.

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