How CSC is ensuring the right to live with dignity for rural women in Punjab

How CSC is ensuring the right to live with dignity for rural women in Punjab

Violence against women clubbed with inequalities and deprivations is total denial of her human rights. Hon’ Supreme Court of India has been extending the ambit of Article 21 of the Constitution of India and holding that mere existence is not the Right to live. It is the right to live with dignity. Thus, wherever Crimes are committed against women the same should be seen in the context of violation of her Fundamental Right under Article 21 of the Constitution, and not merely as a Crime.

CSC Tele-law is ensuring the right to live with dignity for rural women.

  Applicant Gurdeep Kaur an eighty years old widow, a resident of Bhullar village of Mukatsar Sir in Punjab. She was disheartened and sad as her son Tarsem Singh is drug-addict and has three minor daughters of age of 14yrs, 12yrs and 10yrs.  His wife is no more and the applicant (Grandmother) is looking after the minor girls. Father of girls Tarsem beat them and torture them regularly and even threw them out of the house.

 The main issue behind the incident was that Tarsem pressurized his 14 yrs old daughter Renu Kaur to marry a 35 years old man. All the four (3 girls and grandmother) fought against this but no one helped them and they were compelled to leave their hometown.

After this, the children along with their grandmother shifted to their maternal village in Bagha Purana in Moga. Now, she approached CSC Tele –law so that she can take strict action against her son and another person who was ready to marry her granddaughter.

Later, she came to know about the scheme through Tele law publicity posters pasted outside the CSC and through VLE Gagandeep Singh where he advised to get advice through instant legal advice for problem resolution.

After getting registered, she was connected to the Panel Lawyer where VLE on behalf of the applicant briefed the situation to the Panel Lawyer and also informed that the Police of Mukatsar and Moga are not helping them despite filing FIR and an application to SSP Mukatsar.

After listening to whole issues, the Panel Advocate advised to give a memorandum again to the Senior Superintendent of Police and an application to the Department of Child Development and Social Justice.

They followed advice and went to DLSA Moga, SHO samalsar and SHO Mukatsar’ office. The State Coordinator consulted DLSA Advocate who called SHO Smalsar (Moga) to clear the matter immediately. Case was forwarded to the hometown of the applicant Mukatsar where the drug addict father and the man who was ready to marry Renu Kaur were residing.

Taking immediate notice, the Police Officer raided village Bhullar and the house of that man who was trying to marry a minor. Both man were arrested by them and were released on written affidavit of both that they would not torture the poor minor girls in future. Now, all girls are living in Mukatsar with assurance and security of village Sarpanch and Mohalla people.

 Women are the backbone of a progressive society as well as a country also. Betterment of a country cannot be imagined in absence of women. Indian constitution guarantees equality before law and equal protection of law. However, lots of acts and laws are available but the lack of awareness amongst women has made these efforts and Acts affectless. But CSC VLEs across the country are empowering citizens about these acts through Tele-law service. Presently a total of 472847 cases are registered under Tele-Law project, out of which 452340 cases have received advice from the Panel lawyers.

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