How CSC is reaching the unreached through Tele-Law in Bhagalpur, Bihar

How CSC is reaching the unreached through Tele-Law in Bhagalpur, Bihar

The story of VLE Prahlad Prasad is an inspiring tale of not giving up and fighting against all odds. Coming from a small village named Jamunia, Naugachia in Bhagalpur district of Bihar, Prahlad started working with CSC in the year 2016.

Jamunia is a very small village in the district and not many facilities are available to the citizens. Tele Law has emerged as a game changing tool in this area through which several beneficiaries have already got in touch with eminent lawyers on the CSC Panel. It all started with Smt. Pushpa Devi approaching his centre to get legal assistance.

Unfortunately, her husband passed away in a road accident. Post his death, responsibility of the entire family comprising of two children was on her shoulders. All sources of financial income came to halt and it was getting really difficult for Pushpa to meet her family needs. They owned a small shop which was on rent earlier. Pushpa decided to start working on her own at the shop. However, the tenant refused to vacate the property claiming full authority over it.

On getting to know about her case, Prahlad acted swiftly and got Pushpa connected to a lawyer through CSC Tele-Law. Understanding the graveness of the issue, Pushpa was suggested to issue a notice to the tenant. Prahlad and his team supported her to the maximum level. Consequently, within the next few months, Pushpa got her shop back and started earning livelihood of her own. In her words, “I had lost all hope after my husband passed away. My sole motive was to take care of my children now. Many people guided me in different ways in order to get the shop back. However, I could not afford any fees to be given to lawyers and was also scared and hesitant to retaliate. CSC Tele-Law came as a rescue through which I was able to get my issue resolved.”

Countless of such cases have been resolved in the district via CSC Tele-Law. Since its inception in 2017, Tele-Law has changed the face of mainstream legal aid. It has effectively given voices to people by empowering them legally by making them aware about their rights. It has generated faith in the system and boosted confidence amongst people to be able to stand against injustice.

 VLE also started spreading awareness amongst villagers on various services existing under the CSC platform. Whatsapp groups were made and the objective was to include as many villagers as possible. A separate page was made on Facebook wherein regular updates were posted on a daily basis along with pictures and videos.

VLE Prahlad says, “I had never imagined that such big disputes could be solved online and I will be acting as a mediator in all of them. Going to a lawyer and registering a case was a luxury for many people; considering the financial status of most of the villagers. Many important cases of injustice thus go unreported because people do not have the right aptitude and guidance to get them solved. It gives me immense happiness and satisfaction in helping people in this regard.”

Pension Services

Multiple awareness camps are organized on a regular basis in the village wherein people are informed about various services under the CSC platform. More than 1500 people have been registered under the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan Scheme guarantying old age protection and social security for unorganized workers.

It was really difficult in convincing people to register under the scheme as most of them were not interested claiming that they would not live that long. However, Prahlad’s team made regular efforts and slowly changed this mindset of the workers by explaining the benefits which the scheme beholds for them all.

Currently, Prahlad’s team comprises of 5 members who work on a full time basis. Apart from the aforementioned services, 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler insurances are also being sold accounting to around 70 in number on a monthly basis. Prahlad intends to add multiple services in the future as well.

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