Divyang woman VLE Manisha Barman : CSC Development Model in Jamtara Paraswara, Madhya Pradesh

Divyang woman VLE Manisha Barman : CSC Development Model in Jamtara Paraswara,  Madhya Pradesh

Six to seven percent of the population in India is people with disability, the number is increasing with accidents and aging. According to the report of National Statistical Survey (NSS) disability transition in India is predicted to be most rapid. Nearly one third of the total number of people in India is affected with some sort of disability. Women report higher incidence of disability than men. The World Bank estimates that 20 percent of the world’s poorest people have some kind of disability. And tend to be regarded in their own communities as the most disadvantaged. Women with disabilities are recognized to be multiply disadvantaged. Mortality of children with disabilities may be as high as 80 per cent in developing countries, says Word Bank.

 The inclusion of Divyangs in development programming also makes sense from an economic perspective. Excluding them  from the world of work has costs for societies. The CSC model of development is dismantling barriers to participation of Divyangs, in education, skills development, enterprise development and employment, as well as poverty reduction and development programmes. Thousands of highly motivated, enthusiastic, successful divyang  entrepreneurs are contributing to the total wealth of rural economies. Divyang CSC VLEs are contributing a major chunk to the economic development of our rural areas. 32 years old woman VLE Manisha Berman is one of them who runs her CSC at Jamtara Parswara Panchayat in Jabalpur. Madhya Pradesh                                                  

In rural and remote places, people are deprived to have a bank for their general banking requirements and find other alternatives to overcome this crucial situation. VLE Manisha is determined to craft a change in the current scenario.

Even though she is not an educated person, she learned everything about CSC services and tries to implement it in village to progress the life of the people and thereby improving her way of income.

She observed that the elderly people in her village were troubled to get their pension amount and even the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) workers struggled to get their payments on time.

When she came to know about DIGIPAY through CSC, she decided to make use of this Aadhaar enabled payment system. She took the initiative to bring a positive vibe into her village through her action. The expediency of the service provided made the villagers depend on her for their banking services.

She says, “Despite high growth potential, being a women entrepreneur isn’t easy. As entrepreneurs, women have even bigger mountains to climb. Persisting gender biases and preconceived notions where ambition among women is often frowned upon, it is not easy for them to step into the world of business.” “Lack of family support, inadequate systems around accessing finance, limited access to education, technology, and insufficient collateral rights are just some other challenges”, she adds.

VLE is also delivering services on Education, Tele law, PM-Kisan, PAN card etc.

The VLE says, “Life was miserable before her CSC in Jamtara Paraswara; villagers needed to travel miles to get basic  services. CSC is giving both mental and financial fulfilment for me through it. I can serve my people and earn for my livelihood.” Her message to other VLEs is, “Stay focused, hard working and be attentive towards your customers.”

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