How CSC helped a widow earn her livelihood in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh

How CSC helped a widow earn her livelihood in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh

In all societies, the loss of your partner is a great one and in turn also involves several changes in the financial arrangements and subsequent economic management of the family. The situation gets even worse when the deceased was the primary bread earner in the family. In general, women tend to be worst affected, largely because of the gender construction and disparity in society. In almost all societies, men are likely to hold disproportionate amount of assets and engage in paid work, relative to women.

The well-known gender gaps in occupational distribution and pay add to the discrepancy. There are at least 55 million widows in India, probably more. It is well known that in India widows tend to face many difficulties and deprivations because of negative social attitudes towards them and social restrictions that are placed upon them and their activities. They are subject to patriarchal customs, religious laws and widespread discrimination in inheritance rights. Considering all this, it becomes imperative for the society to work for such women and assist them in earning a suitable livelihood.

CSC transformational model works relentlessly in breaking the glass ceiling and removing all social barriers by allowing women to participate in multiple activities. CSC VLE Gajendra Singh is determined to become a change agent in the existing scenario.

It was early 2020, when an unfortunate incident took place with Smt. Meera Devi when her husband, Late Sh. Chandrapal Singh Majdoo was shot dead amidst a family feud. Life ahead appeared to be unseemly difficult for her. Coming from a small village named Jalesar in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh, it became next to impossible for her family comprising of two sons and daughter in laws to make their ends meet. She was forced to leave her village and ended up meeting VLE Gajendra Singh in Jogia village, Hathras.

After listening to her tale, Gajendra at once decided to fully assist her in every aspect. Meera’s initial set of work included working in the sanitary napkin unit which was set by Gajendra’s wife in the same digital village. Work on the unit began before the lockdown last year and has picked up again this year. On a daily basis, nearly 400 pads are manufactured at the set up. Meera Devi has played an instrumental role in the growth of the sanitary unit and she regularly participates in sessions on women health and hygiene.

Not only this, both her sons were also supported by CSC in getting employed. Vipin, her elder son, started working at the nearby Maruti Showroom and Manoj, the younger one, is a proud member of the CSC Wi-Fi Choupal team.  As per Smt. Meera Devi, “It has been over 6 months since we got in touch with the CSC world through Gajendra ji. After my husband passed away, I was totally shattered and had no hope on how to continue with this life. Our sustenance was in doubt and I did not find any help from people around. In such circumstances, it was only CSC who came to our rescue and enabled us to start living respectfully. I am really thankful to Gajendra ji and his team for being a constant pillar of support in this journey of mine.”

Currently, Meera Devi is also involved in other CSC activities like selling products such as Pashu Aahar, LED Bulbs and much more. VLE Gajendra Singh has been working tirelessly in the direction of uplifting the society since the time he joined CSC in 2012. Multiple schemes are being offered through his centre and he runs an AMUL parlor as well. More than 250 successful consultations have been carried out under Tele Medicine and over 100 under Tele-law.

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